Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Day 12: Being Bad

There have been moments in the past few days that I have been bad and eaten bad stuff. I went to a Simpsons trivia contest at a bar tonight (we placed 4th out of 24 teams!) and I ended up ordering... yes... bar food. Fish and chips. I had some bad food at Sketchfest as well. Pizza and cheesecake. I also had a chicken biscuit sandwich on Sunday morning before the Master of Inventions shoot. Not big servings, but bad food nonetheless.

It should be noted that I'm not doing this too much, but definitely more often than I did during Week 1. But I am still eating quite well during the day. Fruit for breakfast and lettuce-wrapped boneless/skinless chicken breast for lunch. It will be interesting to see how this affects my weight loss progress come the weigh-in on Friday. I still have a few days to correct these slip ups. I also do not think I'm going to give myself a 'free' meal this week; I've had enough to qualify as already having had it.

My right arm has been hurting from the Wii Sports action, so I'm thinking I should look into getting the Wii Fit already. One downside with having the Wii Sports is that it exercises your arms well enough (mainly one arm) but that's about it. Definitely better than sitting around but not getting any sort of 'complete' workout. I shall see if I can find the package in stores this weekend.

I will be posting a nice entry tomorrow about living my entire life overweight. It should be a good read! Stay tuned.



Gretchen said...

Been a bad week for me as well. Stupid cake. Why does it have to be so good? Although I've had time to go to the gym both Sunday and yesterday, so that's good, I guess.
Stay strong, Neil, you can do it!

Chris Othic said...


Use your other arm. I'm just sayin'.

Good luck with the project!