Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Day 19: My Boxing Career Has Crippled Me

So, I've been playing the Wii on a pretty regular basis since I got it a few weeks ago. I've been limiting gameplay to tennis, baseball and boxing, all of which give you a decent amount of a workout, but mainly just for your arm that has the most dexterity. In this case, it was my right arm that got the biggest workout. After the first weekend of this, my right arm was sore so I had to lay off the Wii for a few days.

On Sunday, I decided to finally start boxing. I would just like to point out that I am an excellent boxer. I barreled through about 9-10 opponents before I was finally knocked out. What I didn't realize that, as I worked up the biggest sweat I ever got playing the Wii, it took me about 45 minutes to get to that point. I also did not realize yesterday how much of a workout I got.

For those who have played boxing on the Wii, you know the key to winning matches is really to avoid your opponents punches more than connecting with your own. There are many ways to avoid getting punched, including putting your gloves in front of you and weaving from side to side.

Apparently, doing this for 45 minutes straight - without stretching beforehand - has obliterated my back muscles and shoulders. So, I am hereby announcing my retirement from professional Wii boxing. However, should I hear the fans chanting my name and calling for my return, I shall perhaps come back to the sport that I dominated for almost an hour. Maybe as soon as this weekend.

Only time will tell.


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Tart Deco said...

Dude, just do some stretches before you play. There are some great yoga back stretches (which are hard to explain in text). You could probably find them on Google though.