Friday, January 22, 2010

Day 22: The Weigh In - Week 3

Oh yeah, guys. It's time for my Week 3 weigh in! This was another week where I felt like I was cheating and I wasn't going to lose any weight. I included cookies amongst my snacks, which is probably why I felt like crap. The important thing was to portion things out; I never ate more than what a serving was on the package and that was the only serving I'd have that day of any particular snack.

Overall, it was another good week. I sure eat a lot of Subway. It's quickly becoming my dinner every night and, surprisingly, I'm really not getting sick of it and actually liking it more and more. (I discovered how good the Black Forest Ham sandwich is today.) I'll write more about Subway tomorrow. On to the weigh in...

CURRENT WEIGHT (1/22): 244.
Weight loss this week: 1 lb.
Total weight loss: 10 lb.

Snap! Only one pound lost. But still, I maintained a weight loss. The good news is that I am joining the Welles Park Fitness Center this weekend so as to continue maintaining a continued weight loss. I've also joined to help monitor my caloric intake and burn.

To sleeping in!

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Tart Deco said...

I lost 1 pd too! We're pd buddies...