Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Day 33: EA Active Powers Activate!

So, I think I do my worst eating during the weekend because I know I will have the whole week to fix it. I celebrated my Friday weight loss with copious amounts of sushi (not necessarily bad) and went to a birthday party where there were ice cream and snacks (yeah bad).

On Monday, I was pleased to discover that EA Active was on sale at Target. Not only have I heard that this is all around a better workout than Wii Fit, now I had no reason not to get it. I also bought some weighted gloves and some Slim Fast (to satisfy any chocolate cravings I have and to give myself a breakfast I always seem to miss).

I tried out the game for the first time tonight and it is awesome. I only had about an hour set aside to work out and I decided to customize my workout with only sports-related activities. I looked at basketball and boxing. Basketball was fun; I did all the activities (passing, shooting) related to it for 10-15 minutes.) With the weighted gloves, boxing gave me much more of a workout than I expected. I'm certain I burned more calories than it told me and I worked out for another 20 minutes. I was wiped OUT by the end of it. And, of course, I felt great. I was getting a decent workout at home!

Nintendo: You are fantastic. Kudos to you for getting people off their asses. I'm looking forward to many more workouts in the coming days, weeks and months and I'm hoping I can burn enough calories to ensure a bit more weight loss this week.



shesteiny said...

Don't feel bad about ice cream, Neil! You can lose weight eating ice cream every single day, you just have to keep active and only eat a little bit. You got it, grrrrrrrrrl. I mean Neeeeeeeeeeeil.

Lacy said...

I also use this thing in my weight management quest. I dig the 30-day-challenge thing, although I fell off of it when I got sick.
Also I miss the body tests, even though they make me a little manic.
I like your blog a lot! Good job writing about something that could be totally cringe-inducing but actually making it inspirational.