Friday, February 26, 2010

Day 57: The Weigh In - Week 8

Boy, I really sucked at blogging this week. I was home all day on Monday, too, and I was just a lump in front of this infernal box. The good news, I guess, is that I'm going back to five days a week, so although I loved the extra day of sleeping in, the nothingness that Monday was becoming may have eventually taken my life.

Anyway, a paradox this week. I was definitely eating some crap. On Saturday, I had my "guilt-free" meal of Mexican food as Friday night was spent seeing awesome lady arm wrestling at the Mystic Celt. I ate more than my share of chips this week. I ate terribly last night and had ten 25 cent BBQ wings during a dudes' night out. Last night was also the only night this week I spent sweating (after I got home from dudes' night). I just remember feeling guilty about my eating this week (what else is new?)

CURRENT WEIGHT (2/26): 232.
Weight loss this week: 3 lb.
Total weight loss: 22 lb.

Here was the other side of that: This was really the first week I felt thinner. Like, a lot of my clothes felt loose, my skin felt tighter (?), and I can really feel the difference in my upper body from the exercise that I am doing. I feel great, really.

I've now lost 22 pounds in two months and that's an awesome feat. And one of those months has only 28 days (can you guess which one?) Granted, 14 were in January and 8 were in February. Still, at this rate, I'll probably be at my lowest weight since before I moved to Chicago by the time Easter comes. And... AND... I did this all during the winter months. Who ever gets away with losing weight in the winter? I do. Yes sir, I think I'm gonna look - and feel - pretty good this summer.

Now I'm going to celebrate with what I was GOING to eat last Friday: a burger.


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Tart Deco said...

You rock! I am so jealous...