Monday, March 15, 2010

Day 74: More Daylight Means More Walking

So I decided that I'm finally going to get my very expensive Nikon N75 fixed. It broke almost five years ago when the film started loading incorrectly. I never got it fixed because at that point I was just looking for a reason to get a digital camera.

I planned to go to Central Camera after work to get a quotation on repairs but realized quickly I would never get downtown before they closed at 5:30. So, at the last minute, my co-worker Todd told me about Helix just north of the Racine stop on the Blue Line. I gave them a shot but discovered they closed earlier at 5pm. However, I didn't have anywhere to be until 8, so I figured... random walk!

Today's walk was 3.23 miles, which was about the same distance as a couple of previous walks. Not the least of my "big walks" but not the most. (I'm still looking to hit 5 miles at least). Still, the near West side is awesome. I'm going back some point very soon with one of my cameras. There is an amazing building on Madison dating back to a year after the Great Chicago Fire that I hope is never torn down.

For some reason, I also neglected to blog about my half-drunk walk home on Saturday night.

This was 2.91 miles. Now, this was not, of course, walked during daylight. It was, however, the evening of the Daylight Savings. It was more awesome for the fact that it was pretty late at night and all the bars were already closed so the St. Patty's drunken noise was gone. It wasn't so late that the sun was coming up, but you could hear the birds. This is the first time I've heard morning birds this year and it really reminded me of Spring. 

I. Can't. Wait for Spring.



booflops said...

I'm really not sure why you didn't put a pin on the most important part of yesterday's map--where you ran into ME!!! Just kidding. That was probably a little awkward... especially after, well, you know.

Neil said...

Meemes! That was the most magical part of it and why I love this city. I'll see you this weekend!!