Saturday, March 20, 2010

Day 79: The Weigh In - Week 11

Unbelievable week. Spring decided to arrive in Chicago right on schedule, although it decided to leave on vacation again last night, as we all woke up to Winter this morning complete with snow back on the ground. But it was still an amazing week.

CURRENT WEIGHT (3/20): 227.
Weight loss this week: 3 lb.
Total weight loss: 27 lb.

I hit my goal for the week and then some! I've lost more than 3 average newborn babies this year. I think I'm back on track.

When my feet hit the ground the morning after my 8 mile walk, there was an immediate stiff pain coming from my shins, which I guess shouldn't be that surprising. However, I do realize that I need new shoes if long-distance walking is going to be part of my daily or weekly routine. Luckily, Fleet Feet Sports is in the hood!

I am gearing up to run the Chicago Marathon in October 2011. I'm not used to running at all in general, no less long distances. I'd rather be safe and get my body comfortable to doing it and I think this October is just too soon for me. Plus, it encourages me to continue living healthy into late next year to be able to run.

In the meantime, my goal for next week is 2 more pounds lost.


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Gretchen said...

Fleet Feet is the best! The Chicago Marathon is a great one for your first one (I'm a 2x finisher) I was thinking of doing it again....