Saturday, March 27, 2010

Day 86: The Weigh-In: Week 12 + DC

Now, before you get down on me for a week gone by without a blog post, let it be known that I was gone Wednesday through Saturday morning on a company outing to Washington, DC and I did not have any access to the internet (except my Twitter update via cell text).

So, how did I do this week in another city? Not so hot. All company-related expenses were paid by my bosses - including meals. Everything is expensive and terribly overpriced in DC, so of course, I felt like I could eat anything. I know it doesn't make any sense, but this really was my thought process.

I really did well in keeping up with exercising. On Wednesday night, I worked out for an hour at the hotel's gym and it reminded me of the overall better workout I miss by not going to the gym. I sweated a lot and burned plenty of calories on the exercise bike and elliptical machine in only an hour. I never really got to see much of DC during the whole trip, so on Friday night, I walked around the city for hours to see how many landmarks I could at least experience (more on that later). Still, I felt like my meals were too much and bad to burn off before my weigh-in today.

CURRENT WEIGHT (3/27): 228.
Weight loss this week: 0 lb. (+1)
Total weight loss: 26 lb.

Yes, my 11-week trend of no weight-gain ended this week... just barely. I mean, my digital scale says 228.0. I checked it over and over this morning, hoping it would become 227.8, but it never changed.

On Thursday night, I did not workout, and I wonder now if that would've made a difference. I also ate grease-covered Fuddrucker's after my walk last night (of course I found the Subway after I stopped there) and a cinnamon pretzel at the airport this morning before my weigh-in (again, a reel lack of selections on my route); both of these probably did me in as well.

The walk on Friday night really was impressive though. I had been on my feet all day already with the installation we were doing at the Renaissance Hotel downtown and they hurt before I stepped foot on the walk. They really hurt on the way to the Lincoln Memorial. They were killing me as I went to the Capitol. It was all much further than it had appeared, but I'm glad I got to see those landmarks at least. I only learned when I plotted the course today that I had gone about six miles, my second longest walk ever.

Too bad I gained all the calories I lost when I ate the Fuddrucker's Dogzilla with Fries afterwards... although it did taste really good. But I really hate the idea of gaining any weight during this fitness plan because I now have re-lose it again.

Of course, I'm certain I can and will do it this week now that I'm back to my normal daily routine. I'm two weeks away from Day 100. I'm looking to have an even 30 pounds lost by that time.



M said...

Look at this way: it's only ONE pound, it's not like it's TEN. Don't beat yourself up about it; you have done WAY better about weight loss than most people at the 3-month mark (heck, in comparison to some people like me who've been working at it for 3 years, I'm downright ashamed I haven't done better!).

Repeat: do not beat yourself up about it. Your pants aren't exploding from 1 lb. difference, so you know that occasionally, if you fall off the wagon for a week, you'll live.

But also make sure you don't hurt yourself trying to keep on track, either. :) DC is horrible to walk, isn't it? So deceptively small/big. After my mom and I went there, I used Google to figure out how far we had walked total in the weekend. She didn't believe me when I told her it was about 13 miles!

Neil said...

Not beating myself up about it, just disappointed because I know it was probably preventable had I made more sensible choices. :) Thanks.

Tart Deco said...

There is no way to be good all the time, for the rest of your life. This is a lifestyle change, so it's better for you to let yourself live every once in a while or you will just crash badly further down the line. I am pretty sure that is why I gained all of the weight back i lost on WW. I stuck to the plan like crazy, annoyingly even. Then when I eased up I went ape-sh@t.

As long as you are aware of where you are at, you'll do great!

James said...

your body doesn't forget those weekend carb benders

Chris Othic said...

Keep it up Neil. You'll lose that pound and many more!

I'd like to join you for one of those walks one of these days.

Free Truman said...

let know if you ever walk to Sulzer. good half hour roundtrip, plus you get a dvd or book out of it!