Saturday, April 24, 2010

Day 114: The Weigh-In: Week 16

Again with the time-management skills. This week was honestly a blur. I did make some time to ride my bike, but the weather left much to be desired. A decent amount of sun during the weekday but chilly! And this weekend was allllllll wet. Such is Chicago in April, I suppose. I had Thursday off but kinda took time to relax and reflect as it was the anniversary of a good friend's untimely passing.

I didn't do much on Saturday, but for some reason, still did not blog. At any rate, here were the results...

CURRENT WEIGHT (4/24): 220.
Weight loss this week: 2 lb.
Total weight loss: 34 lb.

I am nearing the peak point of when I last lost a lot of weight. I'm not sure exactly how much it was, but I'm thinking it was around 213 lbs. Which means, of course, it's only going to get harder from here. I believe the last time I hit that weight, I was doing that South Beach Diet about six or seven years ago. Of course, that didn't last and eventually I came back to bread, my true love.

The key to this weight loss regimen for me is that I have not completely eliminated some treats, I have just limited them. If I do eat like crap - and trust me, I still do at times - I tend to limit it to once a day or one day a week. Knowing I can allow myself to do that will usually get me through the week of eating well and portioning out meals.

I saw an old acquaintance Michelle at my friend Sarah's birthday party on Saturday night and hardly recognized her! She's been kicking ass on her own weight-loss regimen and I must say it sounds like she's earning every bit she loses. Go, Michelle!

I can't believe it's already almost the end of April. What... the hell.


Saturday, April 17, 2010

Day 107: The Weigh-In: Week 15

I am so very pooped today. I think I'm going to map out today's biking tomorrow, as it really is too much work for me at this time, but I need to post my weigh-in blog entry before the day is over. I biked all the way down to Pilsen(!) this morning to shoot an all day video with Guy Clark and most of Cell Camp for a video contest entry for MoveSmart. It was a late start but we finally got done around 7:30. I still managed to ride all the way back to Lincoln Square from Pilsen via the Lakefront. I think it's around 20 miles round trip.

Before I left, I did my standard Saturday morning weigh-in...

CURRENT WEIGHT (4/17): 222.
Weight loss this week: 2 lb.
Total weight loss: 32 lb.

Nice! I'm guessing the last few day's adventures on my bike saved my butt. This bike is sure getting me the exercise I needed. I do not think I will be biking tomorrow as I don't want to get tired of it too early. It's going to be a nice sunny day tomorrow though, which are rare on weekends in Chicago, so I may still go for a walk.

Sadly, my Wii has been gathering dust for a month or so and now that the weather's getting nicer, I may be going outside for exercise now. Anyone want to borrow it?


Thursday, April 15, 2010

Day 105: My First Big Bike Trip

I took my first big bike trip on my Marin tonight! It was the best evening of the year so far, so I simply could not pass up the opportunity. Unfortunately, I got home a little later than I wanted so I just grabbed my bike and headed out. I need to plan out my trip better next time, as Chicago actually does have designated bike routes. Luckily, I was still able to bike on most streets without much of a problem, even if they didn't have a path.

I rode all the way down to Navy Pier and back to Lincoln Square. I took about a 15-20 minute rest near the lakefront for "Neil time." It's hard to resist such an amazing night at the lakefront and I'm a little upset I haven't gone down to the lake more often in my 3 1/2 years of living in Chicago. All in all, it took about an hour and a half round trip and this site calculated I burned just over 900 calories tonight.

In weight loss news, I am not happy with the little snacking I've been doing nor with the lunches I "prepared" for myself this week (Lean Cuisine). I'm taking a little cue from my friend Rachel and making sure I'm cutting out High Fructose Corn Syrup; I haven't had much anyway but none is better than some. I also must make sure I cook something up to eat over the entire week. I'd rather have fresh cooked meat than frozen microwavable meals. After this week, I am also cutting out cereal. (I have been having bananas for breakfast, but I still buy cereals to snack on at home.)

I am taking careful steps to make sure I don't gain any weight this week and I suspect I'll only lose a pound. I'm not sure I mentioned earlier, but my goal for these next hundred days is 20 pounds. I am actually about 10 pounds away from my lowest adult weight ever. Sooooo close but soooo far.

So, yeah. 204 pounds by July 19. Let's do this!!


Monday, April 12, 2010

Day 102: I Got Me A Bike!

So, I get a furlough day this week, so I can actually catch up with stuff that I've been lagging on. Hopefully.

As I mentioned in the previous entry, I made a purchase yesterday that will have a great affect on my weight loss this spring and summer, and that is that I bought a BIKE! I managed to find a spectacular deal on Craigslist. I bought this bike for $100. The only issue, at least that I've been told of/noticed so far, is the seat needs to be fixed. The guy bought it brand new last year and barely used it and basically was just trying to get rid of it because it was taking up space. He said he should've asked for more after all the responses he got but he said I was the only one he replied to because I just sounded the most interested; lucky me! (I hope.) I hope this bike wasn't stolen, but the dude had a kid and seemed like a decent chap, so I have my doubts.
Anyway, I'm very excited about this. My own bike was stolen just over a year ago and I missed all the fun last summer. Riding your bike in the city is not always a fun ride but at least I get to see more of it. It came with a U-lock too, but I think I'm always going to be paranoid it's going to be stolen. This city has a terrible reputation when it comes to stolen bikes. Almost every one of my friends have had their bike(s) stolen here in the three and a half years I've lived here.

Anyway, anyone wanna bike the Drive with me? Any braver souls wanna ride nekkid?


Saturday, April 10, 2010

Day 100: The Weigh-In: Week 14

This weekend was filled with lots of friends again, which also means terrible time-management skills on my part. This entry is back-dated to when I weighed myself this weekend. I seriously am terrible at how I balance my time, more on that later. Right now, I do have good news to impart...

CURRENT WEIGHT (4/10): 224.
Weight loss this week: 2 lb.
Total weight loss: 30 lb.

I hit my goal! I looked back on my previous entries and I lost about six pounds in the past month. The loss is definitely slowing down but I'm still on a good pace. Plus, the spring is here and I'm getting out more. I made an awesome purchase this weekend which I will blog about immediately after this entry.

Thanks to Craig, an old friend from Woodstock, for his tips and reminders about what I should be focusing on as I lose weight. One thing I have not been getting enough of is sleep and it's my own fault. I'm sure it's an issue that my friends share too. Since I have a 9 to 5 job, I feel like I never have time for my own projects, so I don't get to work on them until I get home, which I tend to dilly dally around with so I don't start on them until late...

So my point is that I need to manage my time better. Tips are welcome.


Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Day 97: Celebrity Weight Loss Secrets!

There are a lot of crazy diets that celebrities go on to lose weight. Most of the time, actors do it for movie roles. For example, for The Machinist, Christian Bale went without proper rest for prolonged periods, and placed himself on a crash diet of generally coffee and apples, which reduced his weight by 63 pounds in a matter of months.

Some do it to just be healthier and/or look better. Jennifer Hudson recently lost about 50 pounds through Weight Watchers, according to the commercials, and looks even more stunning than she did before.

Then there's Brian Wilson. The man had gained a lot of weight during the 1970s and without a doubt needed to turn his life around. However, he turned to the controversial doctor Eugene Landy, who cared for Brian and subsequently brainwashed him and exploited him over the course of 15 years.

How controversial is he? Just look at this video of the Beach Boys on The Tonight Show in 1984.

Brian lost a hundred pounds in one year. For a year, he "starved," isolated and put on a 600 calorie diet and he subsequently lost 100 pounds. I can't even imagine how miserable that was, but he certainly seems more lively at this point in his life than he had been in years past. My diet right now is limited to around 1,400 calories a day, more than twice his amount, and I sometimes find it hard.

The only crazier thing I've heard is that Will Sasso lost 200 pounds in a year ten years ago. But that guy was morbidly obese beforehand.

Anyway, I found that video a few weeks ago and I just had to share!


Sunday, April 04, 2010

Day 93: The Weigh-In: Week 13

What happened to this weekend? Seriously, my only time since Friday night that I've been at home was to sleep, and I didn't sleep long either night. The cast and crew of the new web series "Hank Frisco" spent all Friday night and all day Saturday shooting the first episode, Saturday night I was out til 4am par-tee-ing, and I spent all day today at my parents' place for Easter. I'm pooped but this blog needs an update and I mustn't forget to report the weigh-in.

CURRENT WEIGHT (4/3): 226.
Weight loss this week: 2 lb.
Total weight loss: 28 lb.

I still managed to lose weight this week and it looks likely that I'll hit 30 lbs by Day 100, which is great. Today was the first time my mom has seen me since Christmas and she was blown away! :-)

Yeah, so bad habits are hard to get rid of. My bad habit of not updating this blog more than once a week has reared its ugly head and Phase II has not taken off like I hoped it would but I really feel I'm going to turn that around this week. It has been a crazy past couple of weeks and I think its throwing off my priorities.

Anyway, thanks for sticking around, gang. New entry on Tuesday night!