Sunday, May 09, 2010

Day 129: Mom

One of my inspirations for losing weight was my mom.

My mom has always had an issue with her weight since she was a young girl, just as I have always had issues with my weight since I was a young boy. From the photos I've seen, she generally stayed around the same weight, which was always more than she wanted. As in my life, there were moments where she would gain weight and then lose it, but she never was satisfied with the weight she would settle on.

In April of 1977, when she was 28, she finally had her first child: My older brother Bill.

She had, of course, gained weight during the pregnancy. I wasn't able find any photos of her from the months following, but that fall, she decided to really see how much weight she could lose. She joined TOPS, a Midwest-based weight-loss support group not unlike Weight Watchers which is still around today apparently.

Now my mom tells me that within six months - yes, six months - she had lost 70 pounds. When I first heard this, it seemed outrageous. The photo above from one of her meetings - where she posed next to a pile of fat (gross) - says she lost 50 pounds from October 26, 1977 to April 5, 1978, just over five months. So I think that she may be remembering a little wrong, but at any rate, she still lost a lot in six months.

I asked her how she did this and she wasn't very specific, other than she kept a food diary of what she ate every day. She didn't eat potatoes and she did eat eggs. That's all I've gotten out of her. She said she would lose 1 to 2 pounds a week like clock-work (which sounds very familiar to me). She continued to lose weight through the end of the year.

The picture above was taken in December, not long before she would find out she was pregnant with me. My mom has said on numerous occasions that she was more than ecstatic when she found out because she knew she "could eat anything again."

She has said that the only down side of having me was that she never was able to get back to the weight she was before she got pregnant with me. Indeed, this is true. She did stay with TOPS for years after I was born, but she has never been able to get back down to that one glorious year she was truly thin.

As I've mentioned earlier, I have taken numerous attempts in my life to reach this goal, some more successful than others. Some have lasted months, others weeks. Whenever they have failed, I think I've always had in the back of my mind that it wasn't time for me to accomplish it. I would think, "Well, Mom did it when she was 30. I guess still have time."

And here we are. I'm 30 years old. I have never had that one glorious year myself, but I am certain this year is it. (We'll see how much I'll lose after five months and a week.) I also intend to make this more than just one glorious year and, luckily for me, I will never have the excuse of getting pregnant to eat whatever I want.

Thanks, Mom, for keeping the hope alive.



Alyssa said...

This is really lovely.

Chris Othic said...

I want to see you pose with a pile of fat at some point!