Saturday, June 12, 2010

Day 163: The Weigh-In: Week 23

I didn't eat completely well this week, but I definitely stepped up the activities. I had my biggest bike day ever this Thursday - 35 miles - and it was a sweaty week overall in Chicago, which helped greatly.

CURRENT WEIGHT (6/12): 214.
Weight loss this week: 3
Total weight loss: 40 lb.

Eff yeah. I hit the big 4-0 and saw a number I haven't seen yet this year: 214. I'm hoping that this trend continues and it doesn't go back up again come next Saturday. I am two pounds away from being the lightest weight I have ever been in my adult life.

Actually, I'm not entirely sure this is true. However, I keep thinking - and I think I've mentioned this in an earlier post - that 213 is the lightest number I remember seeing on the scale in the past ten years. It is possible that it was 212 or maybe even 210, but I never took note of my lightest weight ever.

Regardless, it's so close I can taste it. And I'm only 10 pounds away from that 204 pounds I'm supposed to hit come July 17th. If I keep working hard like I have been this past week, I think I can lose another 10 pounds in just over a month, despite my poor results over this past month.

I feel great!


shesteiny said...

YA! Let's all lose 10lbs by July 17!

Neil said...

Race ya!