Saturday, July 10, 2010

Day 191: The Weigh-In: Week 27

CURRENT WEIGHT (7/10): 210.
Weight loss this week: 0
Total weight loss: 44 lb.

No weight loss this week, but I did feel like I wasn't trying too hard either. I still biked 61 miles since last Saturday. I actually went on the scale this morning saying to myself, "Just don't gain. Just don't gain." And I didn't.

The weather finally became what all of us Chicagoans dread, which is July weather. Steamy hot (and humid at times), which really makes it difficult to want to work out when you live in central air. I knew I was being bad the whole week, though, and finally got out for some biking before my rehearsal on Thursday night.

I had off of work on Thursday, which is usually the day I ride my bike to work, so I rode my bike on Friday which turned out to be a bee-yootiful day. I got some great news and the workday went by fast, especially for a Friday. I ended up going to bed at 10:30 last night, which is super early for me. I think I was just pooped. I may not hit my 204 lb goal next Saturday (still 6 pounds away) but I'm going to come as close as I can.

I've decided I think I'm going to try and ride my bike to work every day. That would be an automatic 80 miles of biking every week (I work 4 days a week) plus it would help prepare me for long-distance biking, which is what I hope to eventually do in a year or so.


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