Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Day 215: Now What?

So, it's quite the change going from lots of projects to zero.

I've only biked 3 miles this week and I already feel like I'm eating worse. I bought snacks tonight and they're already all gone. I drove to work this morning (it was raining!)

At any rate, I already feel lazier. Last week I biked less than the week before and this is the slowest start to any week yet. Plus, I already feel like my cravings are higher than they've ever been! Not sure why this would be. But now that I have all this time I'm just staying at home, so I guess I can't buy them salty snacks. I think I learned this lesson months ago and forgot about it.

I'm hoping to ride my bike to work tomorrow. Gotta get back in the routine. I know, I really haven't fallen out of the routine yet, but I feel like it would be really easy to do so. I haven't gotten far enough away in my lowest weight ever to feel totally secure yet that I won't reverse the trend.

At least I'm aware of these issues. Not even sure they're issues yet, but I'm gonna try and tackle them before they become issues. This might become harder than it has already been.


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