Saturday, September 25, 2010

Day 261 & 268: The Weigh-In: Week 37 & 38

I think I may be at that point when bloggers just forget to blog or don't make time for it. This may be related to my current situation, which I will address further down the post below.

CURRENT WEIGHT (9/18): 202.
Weight loss this week: 0
Total weight loss: 52 lb.

So last week was my third weekend at 202, which was not very surprising as I really haven't changed my diet too much, nor have I really been exercising. See, right now, I'm currently in what I would call a "holding pattern." I am in-between living situations where I was in an apartment and I will soon be living in a house with two dudes who have beards.

But, in the meantime, I'm in a temporary apartment with my friend Mary. She's been great but I just haven't felt settled in this time, probably because I know I'll be moving again soon. It could be as soon as 3-5 weeks. So, I haven't updated a lot of my mail, etc. (I get most of my bills done electronically anyway). Anyway, my life has been based on getting into routines in the past 9 months and it's been hard trying to adjust some of them when I know I'm just in a temporary place.

Regardless, I went to my friend Adam and Jenn's wedding last weekend and saw a lot of people I haven't seen in 50 pounds. People were very nice and it was great seeing everyone. It was really amazing to think that I've known a lot of those people for well over eight years and none of them had seen me this thin. Hell, I've never seen me this thin, which is another reason why I've probably slowed down my routines.

It feels like I've already reached my goal because I've never been this thin. But I know I can do better. This week I thought it would be more of the same.
CURRENT WEIGHT (9/25): 200.
Weight loss this week: 2
Total weight loss: 54 lb.

Turns out, not so much. This is so exciting, you guys. Right on the vergey verge of being under 200 lbs.  I will definitely film my weigh-in and post it online!

Tomorrow, I head to Seattle & Portland for my first vacation since March 2009. I really, really needed it and I almost didn't go because my moneys are so "iffy" right now, but I decided ultimately I could make it work, with some tips from friends on keeping things cheap. I've never been to either city but I hear they're just great and quite different from Chicago. I hope I don't love them too much. Stay tuned.


Saturday, September 11, 2010

Day 254: The Weigh-In: Week 36

CURRENT WEIGHT (9/11): 202.
Weight loss this week: 0
Total weight loss: 52 lb.

No weight loss but no weight gain, so overall it's pretty positive. I started riding my bike again this week. I got in 43 miles total this week but I didn't really change my diet.

I've begun a semi-regular routine of a couple of slices of toast for breakfast, two sandwiches for lunch, usually one turkey and one ham, and then Subway for dinner. Sometimes breakfast or dinner will change, but lunch is generally the same. Surprisingly, I've really fell into this routine and am enjoying it quite a bit. I've been doing it for about two weeks now and I'm not really sure when I'll get tired of it. I really look forward to each meal.

Now I know what you may be thinking: That's a lot of bread. And yes, it is. But despite what Atkins and South Beach claim, bread is actually good for you. I've been downing Subway a lot in the past 9 months and I would say the results have been damn good. Delicious, even.

My lunches have been so cheap, too! One tip for the sandwich makers is to try and get them loaves of bread that don't have the corn syrup. It surprised me that that jerk made its way into bread! You're supposed to be in junk food, corn syrup. Jerk.

Next Monday is my birthday. Would be nice to hit 199 as a nice present but I haven't lost 3 pounds in a week since the early days this year. Plus, I'm due for a weight gain in the cycle, I think. We'll see what happens.


Saturday, September 04, 2010

Day 247: The Weigh-In: Week 35

I don't think I rode my bike at all this week. Maybe a few miles if I did at all, but not enough for me to remember to take note of it in my dailymile. I ate pretty well, however, so I wasn't really sure what to expect.

CURRENT WEIGHT (9/4): 202.
Weight loss this week: 2
Total weight loss: 52 lb.

Nice. Again, it was another time when I really felt thinner by the end of the week, so I'm glad the old body managed to drop a couple more pounds this week. Two-pound weeks are hard to pull off at this stage in my weight-loss and I suspect I'll have at least a week of weight gain before I finally hit 199.

I really can't believe I'm this close to being under 200 pounds. My friend Joe asked me today when the last time I weighed 202 pounds was and I told him I could not tell him. I honestly don't know! I'm thinking it had to be back in high school though. I say this because I'm pretty much officially in size 40 pants, which I haven't worn since high school.

I joked this week that if I didn't reach my goal this year that I have to start all over again in 2012, since next year I'd have to gain back all the weight I lost. How comical! I wonder if the weight gain would take just as long. I think with plenty of tummy aches I could gain it back quicker than I lost it.

Of course, I might cause some damage to my everything.


Thursday, September 02, 2010

Day 245: Transition

The transition so far has had its good moments and bad, like with any move. I've mostly been out every night, so this is actually my first night of rest. A lot has happened in the past week in my personal life; most events were probably ultimately insignificant in the big picture but they were a bit much to deal with in a short period of time.

But I digress.

I am currently living temporarily in my friend Mary's apartment near Lawrence and Pulaski, so I decided to try out the #53 Pulaski bus for the first time. This bus is almost a straight shot down and reduces my travel time to work from an average of 75-90 minutes to 50 minutes. This is good, but it is a shot against my motivation for riding my bike, as that also takes 50 minutes with my bike-lane-friendly, bad-neighborhood-avoiding route I've plotted out for myself.

I did find it humorous that on the first day I rode the Pulaski bus, I read an article in the RedEye about the worst bus routes and the very same bus was at the top of the list. They are right, though. The bus is always packed, although I get on early enough to get a seat. I have yet to ride my bike to work this week and with today's rain and tomorrow's post-work agenda, it looks as if it's not going to happen.

I did get a wicked workout on Sunday with the moving and subsequent bike riding. I'm not really eating too differently this week either, I don't think, but I'm interested to see if I see any weight gain. I still feel pretty great in general.

Man, I hope I didn't gain weight.