Friday, December 31, 2010

So here we are...

Hi, you guys.

Well, here we are. The grand total weight loss: 56 pounds. Not quite the 74 pounds I was shooting for 365 days ago, but a great success, nonetheless. Thank you to those of you who have been following my and my weight loss throughout the year. It really means a lot. I'm glad I could help inspire others, too. One of the big reasons why I was so public with my weight loss was so I could have you guys constantly pushing me not to give up and to give me that support when I needed to hear it. It wasn't easy to give up because I knew you guys were watching me and waiting to see what each new week would bring. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

2010 was all about eating better and losing weight and now my big focus health-wise for 2011 will be to actually get fit and gain some muscle. Believe it or not, I actually did not go to the gym at all in 2010. I walked a lot, I biked a lot, I played Wii Fit, but I actually never stepped foot inside a gym. However, I now have some flab and I really don't have much muscle (at least on my upper body). I'm getting work-out tips from some good-looking friends and I'm certain that this will actually be a lot harder than my weight-loss challenge last year.

Financially, I'm budgeting for the future. Too often in the past few years, I was living too much in the present and not thinking of saving money for my future. I'm now finding myself wanting some change in my life, even considering the big move to LA, but not really able to find the means to make ends those ends meet. I don't regret those big trips I made to the UK in 2009 and out to Portland/Seattle last year, but they were paid for by credit cards and I'll be paying for those for a while now.

I'm also prioritizing my comedy schedule. I'm going to be gearing my time more towards my own performing projects this year. There were shows I really enjoyed doing last year, but I so found conflicted with doing a few other things I might have also wanted to do. I've already got completely new things that are in motion and I'm going to put up a one-person show (or close to it) before the end of the year. I'm really going to try and actually challenge myself.

I am blessed with great friendships, family, employment, good prospects and improving health. Here's to 2011. I can only hope you bring even greater things than 2010 brought.

Thank you again and Happy New Year!!


Julie B said...

Love you Neil! So proud of you. I'm glad you make room for some treats now and again - much better than denying yourself potato pancakes and pierogies when roxette is ringing in the new year in poland!

Manton said...

Neil -

CONGRATULATIONS! You are so inspirational and I'm so proud of you!

I'd love to show you my upper body weight lifting routine if you're interested. I can bring a guest to the gym for free. We can go most any weekend - even this Sunday! :)