Friday, January 01, 2010

Day 1 in The Year We Make Contact

Hello friends!!

Did you know that losing weight is the number one New Year's resolution in this country? Yes, what I'm doing is nothing special, but it is something I need to do.

I'm just going to start out up front with explaining that I've always been overweight. Always. I think the last time I was a "normal" height-to-weight ratio was... I don't know... seven years old? At any rate, it's been a long time and I've never known what it's like to live in a better body than what I've given myself. I'm a kid who essentially grew up on Happy Meals more than healthy meals. Don't get me wrong: My parents did provide healthy options, but I rarely took them.

I'm not doing this to "fit in". Anyone who has met me knows I have very little issue fitting in or feeling comfortable around new people. I also believe that people can be beautiful no matter what size or shape they are. There are plenty of overweight people I know who are ten times more beautiful than a lot of thin people I know.

This is really set up as a challenge for me. I want to see if I can do this. I've tried this before and never quite made it. Many times I never came close and gave up early. Wherever I have failed in the past, I intend to succeed in 2010. There is something different about this year. What it is, I'm not exactly sure. It's one of those ridiculous gut feelings that really has no logic to it and probably shouldn't be trusted. But I'm doing it.

Every day, I will be posting something new. These will mostly be updates on my experience and history of dealing with my weight issues, but I will also likely just randomly post about whatever is on my mind.

Every week, I will post a weigh-in. I will not do it daily because my weight fluctuates so often on a daily basis that it will drive me crazy.

My goal is to weigh around 180 pounds by January 1, 2011. 365 days. 52 weeks.

Thank you for your support.



Gretchen said...

With you all the way!
Trying to do the same myself.

jonathan said...

neilist, yer my dawg. so amped and inspired by your 2010 jam!

Lisalit said...

Go Neil!!