Friday, January 08, 2010

Day 8: The Weigh In - Week 1

You may be noticing that I'm not writing in my blog every day like I said less than a week ago. For that I apologize, but most of my entries this week would probably be incoherent gobbledy-gook. BUT.. the busyness has subsided.

What a week it has been! I am almost at 100 percent again, health-wise. Performed in two shows last night! Got a lot of great feedback. I hung out pretty late and ended up coming into work late because I was so tired. It was quite a day; I sent out an email that's going to make me dread coming into work on Monday. I hate when I do that to myself but I couldn't put off the bad news any longer. I hate worrying about work outside of work so I'm hoping I can have a peaceful weekend.

Anyway, it's been a week since my first blog entry, so it's time for the weigh in...

CURRENT WEIGHT (1/8): 248.
Weight loss this week: 6 lb.
Total weight loss: 6 lb.

Yes, I lost six pounds in the first week! I know you lose the most pounds in the first week and it's just going to get harder, but it's very encouraging, especially since I didn't exercise this first week. Tonight was my "guilt-free meal" (ie meal where I just ate whatever.) I had a frontega chicken at Panera and I barely had the chips that came with it. I thought about having a "guilt-free day" once every two weeks, but maybe I'll just have a "guilt-free meal" once a week.

And, of course, the big news is that I bought myself a Wii tonight. I love this thing already. I'm so glad it comes with Wii Sports because I'm going to have to get by with that for a while as I save up for the whole Wii Fit package. I worked up quite a sweat tonight and I didn't even BOX.

I mean really, Nintendo. Kudos to you for making a video game system that's cool to play AND healthy to do. You did it. And I will take advantage TEN-FOLD. Mwahhahhahahhahhha!!


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booflops said...

Tarnation, 6 pounds!? Keep it up Neil!