Friday, January 29, 2010

Day 29: The Weigh In - Week 4

As I said yesterday, it was a social week. I'm always weary of being too social if I'm ever trying to watch what I eat because as you act social, you eat social (ie. you eat what everyone else is eating, which tends to be crap).

It also seemed to be a week where I was testing to see what I could get away with. I wouldn't do it too much but every so often, as I listed off yesterday, I would say, "Why not?"

CURRENT WEIGHT (1/29): 240.
Weight loss this week: 4 lb.
Total weight loss: 14 lb.

Unbelievable! This was a total shock to me. But it also tells me that I'm really still watching what I'm eating. I think any bad thing I eat I really think about. I still haven't joined the Welles Park Fitness Center yet but I'm getting a little bit more exercise in because of Wii boxing and weight training at home. This seems to be working.

For those who are interested, I weighed 230 when I moved to Chicago in September 2006. I believe the lowest I weighed in the last ten years was 214. So yeah, fourteen pounds in my first month? And I'm still enjoying my eating habits (for the most part). I think that's pretty amazing.


PS-- I'm going to be cooking something new every week and blogging about it. Keep an eye out!


Tart Deco said...

Good for you!

shesteiny said...

Feel free to share your weekly meal with this fatty down the street!

Neil said...

I believe I am cooking tomorrow night or Monday night, Rach!