Sunday, January 03, 2010

Day 3: The Hunger Returns + Trying New Food

I'm about 85% better from my illness which, of course, now means I'm hungrier. Luckily, I got up late, left the house right away and didn't get back home until around 6pm. I drank a lot of water when I was sick and I do think I need to keep that up to keep my hunger down.

Sometimes I get down on some of my friends who quit smoking and then give it up, but this really isn't much different. I bet it's just as much of a challenge for me to eat right than it is for them to quit smoking. Food is an addiction, too. I like being happy and I gotta admit, I really feel happy when I taste good food. Most of the good food I eat is just terrible for me. I like a lot of food, too. I don't like everything, though, and honestly, a lot of what I don't like is actually good for me.

So, I'm on the hunt for some tasty new hot meals that are actually good for me. The issue with a lot of "healthy" hot meals is that they are high in sodium, so I'm trying to avoid that. I don't mind having to take some prep time to make it either. I warn you, though, if you wish to share some recipes: There have been times in the past when I have had people tell me, "Try this dish. It's delish!" and I try it and it is, in fact, not delish. In fact, it's the reverse... it's, um... delash.

Til tomorrow.


Jennifer said...

If you like fish find recipes where lemon is used. It will be a good amount of flavor and fish is really good for you (except for mercury but that's only for pregnant ladies I think) Here is one recipe I found. Might be good with a side of asparagus?

Oh and one thing I heard is to eat a lot of small meals a day. If your body doesn't have food it will go into a starvation mode and lower your metabolism, but if you keep eating small snacks of fruits and healthy things, your bodys metabolism keeps going. That's what I believe happens at least :)

keep it up!!!

Vitamn Barn said...

I have 5-min couscous at home. It's like easy rice, just add water! They're at Harvest Time. Go get 'em!

Also, look for a lentil soup recipe online. It's super simple to make (but takes about an hour) and you can heat up a bowl when you get home from work. Lots of veggies, garlic and curry! I'm going to make a big pot this week. Lasts for days.

Misha said...

Jim's been told to follow a more "Mediterranean style" diet. Less red meat, much less salt. more fish and veg. We're trying to adjust, too.

I'm fairly loose with my cooking unless its baking, where measurements really matter, so this'll depend on what you like, and how much you feel you'll need.

Utilitarian roasted tomatoes -
350 degree oven

2 or 3 roma tomatoes - diced
1/2 or 1 yellow or white onion diced
2 or 3 cloves garlic minced
black pepper
olive oil

Combine tomatoes, onion and garlic on a baking sheet, drizzle olive oil, season with pepper and a little sugar - maybe a teaspoon at most I'd say.

If you like peppers, dice and add those in. If you like olives, do that, too.

Mix to coat, and spread out to make 1 layer on the baking sheet. bake at 350 for 20 mins.

Add to whole wheat pasta and add basil and oregano for Italian.

Mix into couscous and add mint a dn a little lime juice for Moroccan.

Add a few jalapenos and cilantro for Mexican flavor.

You'll notice there's no salt or animal fats.

I'll see if there's anything else I can readily dig out for you, but I second the soup suggestion.

Jill said...

Neil, do you like sweet potatoes? If yes, this is my absolute favorite recipe -- sweet potato lentil chili. Easy to make, good for you (its actually vegan) and one batch usually lasts me a week. Note -- I usually make it without the celery, onion and bay leaf. :) Jill F.

Jill said...

Oh and a few more tips - the only place I can find red lentils is at Whole Foods. And I find that one chopped sweet potato = 1 cup, so two should do you just fine. And yes, this recipe takes some time to make, but then you have lunch for days.

Tart Deco said...

If you don't already have a crock pot, get one. There is something to be said for cooking food slowly, it's more tasty. Plus you can ignore it when it's cooking like a 5-cent ho and it still gives you a pay-out (also like a 5 cent ho) of good food.

No lie- kale is super tasty in just about any kind of stew and it is one of the best greens for you. fo' sho'