Saturday, January 02, 2010

Day 2: Thinking Healthy is Hard When You're Sick

Is it just me, or did everyone get sick this week?? I ended 2009 sick and started 2010 sick, not making this the easiest start to this endeavor.

My four-day weekend was mostly spent in front of this box, which sounds like it could be great, but I have work from my full-time job that I have to get done by Monday. A lot of it. All on the computer. All day. And I'm sick, so really shouldn't leave the house. So these first few days have been a trial.

I did leave the house today because I needed to go to the bank. I got a 6" sub at Subway and went grocery shopping. I came home and cooked! Boneless, skinless chicken breasts are a pretty good bet. I made a salad out of that and this thing called lettuce (it's pronounced let-us, not let-youse). I did a decent job with that and I'm set for the week with cooked healthy chicken meat for lunch at work.

Sitting on my ass at home all day makes me want to snack, of course. I really want salty shit. OH MAN. Chips? They would be so nice. Maybe some chocolate. But I know I'd want that so I got some lame apples, oranges and bananas. And I made some hard-boiled eggs. So that's what I've been snacking on. And I made it through the day... barely. :)

I managed to get a $250 check today from my car insurance company for my deductable related to my car accident in August 2008. What? Geez, I'd get in more accidents if I knew I'd be getting surprise checks. If I had a car anymore. So, the intention of getting a Wii is becoming a reality with this sweet, sweet check. I'm going to pick it up next weekend since I will have no time at home this week.

I've got a very busy week coming up indeed. I will be performing some all-new comedy Tuesday night at SketchTEST and twice on Thursday night with Cell Camp at Chicago Sketchfest. Come see us perform! I fall on my ass a few times!

I cannot wait to leave the house tomorrow. I've got a few rehearsals going on. I'm on the mend and looking forward to not being bored on my ass at home thinking about food.


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