Friday, January 15, 2010

Day 15: The Weigh In - Week 2

I was incredibly nervous before the weigh in this week. I felt like I hadn't lost anything and, in fact, felt like I had gained weight since last week. I was putting it off and then, finally, I just had to do it.

CURRENT WEIGHT (1/15): 245.
Weight loss this week: 3 lb.
Total weight loss: 9 lb.

I still lost weight, although it's half as much as I lost last week. I am not too alarmed by this, since I didn't expect to lose MORE and I still feel like I was not as good this week with eating.

All of this weight loss was done with minimal exercise. My focus during these first two weeks was to adjust my eating habits. Now I'm going to focus on adding exercise into the mix, which means I'm probably going to get the Wii Fit tomorrow, if I can find it. If not, I'm just going to be running and pushups and situps more. Just finding more ways to sweat, really. I'll also be dealing with possible weight gain further down the road as I turn fat into muscle. I think I have a while longer though until that happens.

My two day weekends are also going to be three day weekends for the next five weeks too, as they are starting furlough days again (!) which I guess is good and bad news. I will enjoy the extra day I'll have to sleep in as well as a chance to not sit on my can all day.

To Friday!


Tart Deco said...

Neil- this is awesome! The same thing happened to me when I did WW and lost 40 pds (4 pds 1st week, then 3pds, then nada). After the first few weeks it helps to concentrate on how you feel rather than weight loss because it does slow down a little bit. Then after that I lost 1 1/2-2 pds regularly for 8 months.

Right now I am concentrating on re-tooling my food (no gluten, eat at home more, less soda) and smaller loss goals (12 pds by March 1st). So far I've lost 2 pds.

I am going to add your blog to my reader so I see it more often :)

M said...

It's also healthiest to lose 3 lbs or less per week. It gives your body time to adjust and statistically, you're more likely to keep it off if you lose it that way. WTG, Neil! keep it up. :-)